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For many years owner financing or investor financing was a popular way to finance a house. The buyer would put down a down payment, GET THE DEED, and then make payments to the seller or investor.

Notice that I capitalized GET THE DEED. The reason I did that was because I wanted to exclude rent-to-owns or lease options from our discussion. Both of those are totally different from true owner financing. In those cases you are really only an evictable tenant.

With new laws in effect through the Frank/Dodd act many of the avenues for owner financing or investor financing were affected greatly. Many owners and investors simply stopped doing them because they were afraid of some of the penalties that could happen. None of these penalties apply to investor purchase–only for owner occupants.

The good news is that some of the financing rules are loosening up. It may be in the next year or so that we will see a surge of owner financing available again.

In the meantime, some lenders are creating programs for people that can’t qualify for a traditional loan. A couple of the new programs that I have are mortgages for people with only an ITIN and another program for self-employed buyers that uses only bank statements as proof of income.

Very often I have people come to me with no hope of ever buying a house. I seem to have the reputation of “last resort” even though I have some really great other programs. LOL

It is my pleasure, however, to help these buyers find and buy their dream home. Does that describe you?

Please call, email or text. I will ask you a few questions and get you headed in the right direction!

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