Pamela Madore

Keller Williams Realty


It’s Christmas Time! My House Is For Sale. To Decorate or Not To Decorate?

Everyone says that buyers love the looks of a house all decorated nicely for Christmas with all the lights and smells. A nativity scene with all the camels and what-not along side the fireplace with a blazing fire is comforting. And then all of the presents wrapped with bows under the tree wrapped with matching paper and stacked evenly.

The outside of the house is all lit up! There are lights on the eaves and Santa on the roof top. The front yard has lighted candy canes and dancing reindeer. What a beautiful Christmas! Says the buyer.

Here is the seller. I am going to spend hours putting all of that up and someone is going to want to buy in time for Christmas.

Timing. How long after Thanksgiving do you wait until you decorate? Now that is a strategy — because if it takes 30-40 days to get financing, then you are pretty safe to decorate and have it remain intact until after Christmas. 🙂 Let’s say maybe on December 3rd to be safe. Of course, the buyer may have cash. *sigh*

Oh wait. The family is used to putting the up the tree and all of the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. 🙁 We then run the risk of spending hours with all of the decorations only to have to take them all down two days before Christmas. And, of course, we bought a house so now we have 1 day to reassemble.

I’m a buyer. “Oh how pretty”. I’m a seller. “What the heck?”