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How To Earn More Than 100% Of Every Real Estate Commission Through Profit Share At Keller Williams Realty

That sure is a mouth full. And what in the world does it mean? I am going to give you a lesson about commissions and how they work and how you can earn more and more each year without listing or selling any more houses than you did last year.

At Keller Williams we have many different opportunities available to all of our agents. We aren’t like traditional companies that offer you one thing and it becomes “rinse and repeat” every year. That generally means that the day you take your last sign out of a seller’s yard that is the day you are out of business.

Not so with Keller Williams. That could be the first day of your new business! Read this article called my “1096 Day Retirement Plan”. It might give you some insight.

At KW I teach a class on this from time to time. Check with me for the next date. Or I can go over this with you when we meet.

Here is the abbreviated and simplified version of how it works.

At Keller Williams we believe that you shouldn’t always owe the broker money on every commission. We work on anniversary years. From anniversary date to anniversary date, once we pay Keller Williams our “cap” then the rest of the commission income for the rest of that years is ours at 100%. That should be obvious to say that it is important to “cap” as soon as possible.

We have the models, systems, and tools available to grow our company exponentially without losing anyone in the dust. We take great pride in helping others succeed. Much of our in-house training is shared by other agents that are particular good in a particular field.

We are friendly competitors. We help each other. Why? That is the part about earning more than 100% of your commission,

We have what is called “profit share”. This isn’t a typical profit share program. In short, how it works is that at the end of each month our “market center” has a profit. That profit is divided 50% (about–their is an algorithm beyond my comprehension) and the other 50% goes to the agents within the office that has helped Keller Williams grow by inviting other agents into our company.

So, for instance, let’s say your cap is $25,000 (I can explain that in person) and after that you are on 100% commission for the rest of the anniversary year. In the meantime, let’s say you invited 10 people into the company and they also invited 10. Depending on the amount of profit (I shut the bathroom light off when I leave the bathroom–save money–more profit share) we have for the month you get your share.

From here let’s imagine that your profit share for the year was $30,000. See where I am going with this? That $30,000 paid for your cap of $25,000 which

means that you in essence received 100% of your commission for the year. And has an added bonus you made an extra $5000 which means you actually made more than 100% of your commissions for the year.

Sound complicated? It really isn’t. When we meet I will show you all about how it works. You will be pleasantly surprised how you can set up your retirement plan no matter how old you are.

Contact me for teaching dates and, as always, I will be happy to meet with you one on one.

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