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I Don’t Have a Social Security Number and I Want To Buy A House

It’s OK.  I can help.

If you don’t have a SS# then you probably have an ITIN number.  In some instances you may have both.  You employer uses a social security number to pay you and when you file taxes you use your ITIN number.  

Here are some general requirements that many of the lenders I use require:

20% down—10% can be a gift
credit score
2 years tax returns


Most lenders require a minimum of 20% for a down payment.  Many buyers don’t keep all of their money in the bank but we will have to show it is in a bank account. We will need to show that it has been in the bank (or credit union) for at least 30 days.

Credit score

Many people think you can’t have a credit score with an ITIN.  That is not true.  In order to get the best mortgage you will need a credit score and the higher it is the better your interest rate.

2 Years Tax Returns

If you are a W-2 employee than we will need a copy of your last two years W-2s and your tax returns. I will also need current paystubs.   If you are self-employed we will  need the last 2 years tax returns and, depending on the time of year, a year-to-date profit and loss statement.  In either case they should be filed with your ITIN.

There are a number of banks and credit card companies that you give you a loan/credit card with an ITIN and report it to the credit bureau to build your score.  I recently saw someone with a loan at ANB and an Ashley Furniture card.  Both were reporting to the credit bureau and since the buyer had made payments on time, his score was acceptable for the mortgage program he wanted.

Here are a list of places you can check to see if you can get credit.  You should always first check the bank you have your checking and savings with.

Bank of America
Wells Fargo
Capital One
Access Credit Union
Sun Loan
Amarillo National Bank
Happy State Bank

I don’t know for sure that these institutions will give credit with an ITIN because I notice that sometimes guidelines change and at one time they would and then they won’t.  Check these places and others as well.

If you don’t have any credit on your credit report it is possible that we can “build” credit but getting letters from your landlord, utility companies,  insurance company and cell phone companies.  This does not always work for lenders so my advice is to start today applying to get a credit card or loan.

Let me just say a little something about ID.  You will probably have a passport and a maticular.  It is important to try to get some sort of US picture ID.  When it comes time to close on the house the notary will want something US.  Sometimes your bank will give you a debit card with your picture on it.  Sometimes your doctor or dentist takes your picture to go with your records.  You could go to Sam’s club and get a picture card.  Try to get as many as you can to make that process easier.

Please let me know if you have any questions or just want to see if you are ready yet.  You can email me at or call/text at 806-290-1920.

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