doing what she does best

Ifrah Kanwal Marketing Director. Grow With Me. Marketing (SEO/SEM). Blogging. Branding. Social Media. Human Resources. Team Training I worked with Pamela as one of the Co-founders and current President/CEO of Amarillo Hut, and while Pam herself and the Keller Williams Group are well established and recognized – our locally owned family run restaurant is new to town to soon be open, and we are lucky, blessed, and fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve Pam and her team food for her candid feedback. We know that Pam has her days full of work, doing what she does best, selling real estate and being one of the best in town – so her taking the time to work with a new small business that will be a locally owned family run restaurant, means a lot to me and my family. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her to experience the kindness and professionalism of her and her team. Not only is Pam and her team very kind, professional, and organized.

— Ifrah Kanwal